Frequently Asked Questions

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If you're unsure about supplements, please visit your nearest Healthy Life store and ask to speak with a qualified naturopath.

Healthy Life stores tailor their product offering to meet the demand of local customers so it is best to call or visit your local store to see if they have what you're after. To locate your nearest store, click here.

There are an array of articles in the Health Library including Health Conditions, Women's, Men's & Children's Health, Exercises, and more. If you're unsure about supplements, please visit your nearest Healthy Life store and ask to speak with a qualified naturopath.

We also have qualified naturopaths, nutritionists, herbalists, personal trainers, and more, in store. To find out about your local store staff, click here.

Opportunities currently exist for experienced retail store managers and staff in Healthy Life stores Australia-wide. For more information please click here.

Club Life® is Healthy Life's loyalty program. Being a Club Life® member turns everyday shopping at Healthy Life into an opportunity to receive special rewards and extra special offers. You can find out more here.

Healthy Life Dollars ($HL) is the new, easy to use, ClubLife reward scheme effective 1 August 2017

  • Every $1 spent in store earns $0.05 Healthy Life Dollar
  • $5 Healthy Life Dollars = $5 off your next shop
  • Healthy Life Dollars won't expire, as long as you shop with us at least once every three months
  • Use your Healthy Life Dollars or save them up (minimum of $5 Healthy Life Dollars to start redeeming)


How do I earn $HL?

$HL will automatically be earned on all transactions paid by cash, eftpos or credit card. Every $1 spent will earn $0.05HL.
e.g. A $20 item will earn $1HL. A $30 item will earn $1.50HL. An $8 item will earn $0.40HL.
You need to have a balance of $5HL before you can begin redeeming. $HL will not be earnt on purchases made using $HL.


How do I spend my $HL?

$HL can be used to purchase items from Healthy Life stores. There is no minimum spend required, however you will need a balance of $5HL before you can begin redeeming. For example if you had $5HL on your account, and you wanted to buy an $18 item, you could pay $13 in cash and $5 in $HL. If you had $4HL on your account, then you would need to earn $1HL to reach the minimum of $5HL before you can begin redeeming.


Do I need to spend all of my $HL at once?

No, you may choose how much you wish to pay in $HL. For example if you had $5HL on your account, and you wanted to buy a $12 item, you could choose to pay $8 in cash and $4HL which would leave you a balance of $1HL on your account. Or if you had $5HL on your account, you could purchase a $2 item and have $3HL remaining on your account. But remember, $HL can only be earnt on the portion of your transaction paid by cash, eftpos or credit card and you need to have a minimum account balance of $5HL before you can start spending.


Can I use my $HL to buy an item that’s discounted or on sale?

Yes, except for Magic Mondays. Items are discounted as part of the Magic Monday sale are not eligible to be purchased with $HL.


Can I spend my $HL on the same day that I earnt them?

Yes! $HL may be spent on the same day as they were earnt. However they may not be spent during the same transaction. For example, Wendy already has $3HL on her account. Today she is purchasing $40 worth of items which will earn her $2HL which brings her account total to $5HL. Wendy would not be able to redeem the $5HL in the same transaction ie. Pay $35 for the items. However Wendy is free to come back to the store later that day to spend her $5HL.


Will my $HL ever expire?

Your $HL will never expire provided you shop (with cash, eftpos or credit card) at least once every 3 months at Healthy Life. The 3 monthly periods are calculated from the time of your last purchase.

For example, Kristie purchases $60 worth of items on Jan 1 and earns $3HL. In order to maintain her $3HL account balance, Kristie needs to make a purchase within the next 3 months (by 1 April). Once a purchase is made within the 3 months, let’s say 14 February, the $HL will automatically be valid for another 3 months from 14 February (until 14 May). If no purchase is made within the 3 months, then the $HL balance is reset to zero.


Will I earn $HL if I purchase something using my $HL?

You will only earn $HL on the portion of your transaction paid for by cash, eftpos or credit card. For example if you bought a $15 item and paid $10 cash and $5HL, you will earn $0.50 (10 x $0.05HL).


Can I withdraw my $HL balance as cash?

No, your $HL must be spent on purchasing items within a Healthy Life store.


Can I transfer my $HL to my family and friends?

Unfortunately no.


What will happen to my points balance from 1 August 2017?

All outstanding points balance as of 1 August 2017 will be transferred into the new system and converted into an equivalent $HL amount. 1pt = $0.01HL. From 1 August 2017, you may redeem these $HL by purchasing something instore.


I have a voucher that allows me 28 days before I need to spend it. Can I spend this after 1 August 2017?

The vouchers will be phased out after 1 Aug. However if you have been issued a voucher prior to 1 August 2017 that doesn’t expire until after 1 August 2017, you can still redeem this voucher in store provided it is within 28 days from when it was issued.


How do I find out what my $HL balance is?

Currently you can check your $HL balance by asking our friendly team members instore. By the end of the year you will be able to check your balance by logging into our website.


Is this new $HL scheme available at all Healthy Life stores?

$HL may only be earned and redeemed at company owned stores. This new scheme will not be applicable to purchases made at the following stores: Chatswood, Lake Macquarie, Seven Hills, Wagga Wagga, Wetherill Park, Balgowlah, Browns Plains, Canelands, West Lakes, Mildura.