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Holiday survival tips for the festive season

By Madeleine Memmolo

Summer is the season of parties, big Christmas dinners, picnics and days at the beach. Too much of the fun stuff can make you feel a bit worse for wear, but with these summer survival tips you’ll be better prepared to stay healthy and energised over the holidays.

Make Friday Fish Day
Make a habit of having fish on Friday to make sure you get the essential omega 3’s you need to keep your skin and hair healthy during the swimming season. These essential fatty acids also assist in boosting our mood and brain activity.

Go crazy for Vitamin B
Drinking alcohol can deplete your absorption of some vitamins. So if you had just a few to many glasses of bubbly, take a B vitamin complex to help prevent hangovers.

Swap an alcoholic drink for Kombucha
During Summer there are more parties and more opportunities to consume alcohol – but you don’t have to feel pressured to always drink it. As an alternative, choose kombucha (Remedy’s Ginger & Lemon is my personal favourite) for a cool refreshing drink that is also a treat for your digestion.

Enjoy a colourful plate
Try adding different fruit and vegetables to your routine. Why don’t you add some sliced peach to your next salad for a fun burst of sweetness, while also adding some vitamin C to maintain your skin elasticity and boost your immune system too?

BYO food
Surprise your friends and family by showing them how tasty and fun healthy food can be at the next BBQ, picnic or party. Cookbooks such as ‘The Healthy Life’ by Jessica Sepel or ‘I Quit Sugar – Simplicious’ by Sarah Wilson are great for healthy recipes with a twist.

Eat light summer nights
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine heavy, hard-to-digest meals overheat our bodies during the hotter months. So leave the slow cooked stews and pies for winter, and opt for lighter foods such as salads, smoothie bowls, lightly steamed veggies and stir fries instead.

Try something new
There’s nothing like trying something new with friends to laughing until your cheeks hurt! Sign up for lessons in a new outdoor activity like surfing or paddle boarding. Who knows you might even find you have a hidden talent or new hobby?


Food Related