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What's the buzz about Manuka?

The powerful antibacterial properties of Manuka Honey come from the nectar of the leptospermum tree family native
to New Zealand & Australia.

Allergies, anti-aging, oral health, immunity, fighting infection, blood sugar levels, sport performance & recovery, better sleep & more!

Take at room temperature, avoid using in hot water or drinks.

MGO ratings:
The higher the Methlyglyoxal (MGO) rating, the more potent the antibacterial properties are. Opt for at least MGO 280+ & organically certified to get the full health benefits.

MGO 30+ Dry throats & coughs
MGO 100+ General health & wellbeing
MGO 280+ Preventative health & wellbeing
MGO 400+ Used for digestive issues & pain, wounds
MGO 550+ Chronic digestive, respiratory and oral issues
MGO 810+ The gold star in preventative health benefits

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