Summer skin tips

By Irena Deck, Nutritionist & Beauty Therapist

There’s no doubt that summer in Australia promises lots of fun in the sun. But our enviable climate can take its toll on our skin. Healthy Life Nutritionist & Beauty Therapist, Irena Deck, recommends her top tips for healthy summer skin.

Exfoliate at least twice a week
Exfoliating removes dead cells and improves circulation, which helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and skin discolouration. It also helps to improve the appearance of ageing skin as the natural skin renewal process slows down with age.
How to do it: Use a skin brush or exfoliating mitt to brush the skin manually 2-3 times a week. Alternatively, use an electronic exfoliator or book into a professional beauty salon for a chemical free exfoliation.
Tip: Make sure that you choose the best option for your skin as harsh exfoliates can damage your skin.
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Get a fake tan, naturally
A good quality natural, fake tan will give you a summer glow without the chemicals.
How to apply: Preparation is the key – think of it like priming a wall before you paint it. Gently exfoliate the face and body and apply a non-oily moisturiser to the face and body before you apply the tan to give a more natural look and keep your skin hydrated.
Tip: Always do a patch test before applying tan to the whole body and don’t forget your ears, elbows and feet.
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Use a natural sunscreen
Most cellular damage and premature ageing of skin occurs due to sun damage, so it’s important to use a good sunscreen everyday. Most importantly it’s never to late to start looking after your skin. The Cancer Council recommends using any sunscreen that is labelled broad spectrum, water-resistant and SPF30 and above.
How to apply: Ideally, apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside and re-apply every 2 hours, after swimming or excessive sweating.
Tip: Opt for a natural sunscreen that provides a physical barrier using minerals instead of chemicals.
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A good moisturiser hydrates and protects the skin and is essential for healthy, glowing skin.
How to apply: Apply from the neck and chin upwards to the forehead to avoid continuously dragging the skin down, which eventually leads to sagging. Rub gently and avoid the eye area.
Tip: Choose a natural, organic brand to ensure that no nasty chemicals are absorbed into your body (the skin is our largest organ!).
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Plump your skin with antioxidants
Adding anti-oxidant rich foods and supplements to your diet helps to support a healthy immune system for general wellbeing and this will show through on the appearance of the skin.
Tip: Load up on Vitamin C, green tea, and fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables.
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