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We’re phasing out plastic bags

We are phasing out biodegradable plastic bags and introducing reusable, ethically sourced* calico bags.

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Move over Manuka, Kanuka is the new buzz word in health

Not to be confused with its close relative Manuka, Kanuka is shaping up to be the next medical miracle from nature. Recent research has found that the powerful oil and special honey produced from the Aotea Kanuka tree could be the next big thing in promoting gut health and fighting everything from sore throats and urinary tract infections to skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

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The A-Z of vitamins & minerals

We've put together a handy A to Z guide on vitamins and minerals, as well as some common conditions which can be assisted by vitamins and minerals.

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Summer skin tips

There’s no doubt that summer in Australia promises lots of fun in the sun. But our enviable climate can take its toll on our skin.

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