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What's the buzz about Manuka?

The powerful antibacterial properties of Manuka Honey come from the nectar of the leptospermum tree family native to New Zealand & Australia.

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Natural vs. Organic?

There is a common misconception that organic and natural both mean the same. However, when it comes to food and cosmetics claims, the two can be quite different.

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Why wholefoods are good for you

Did you know wholefoods are the best way for your body to absorb essential nutrients and maintain a healthy weight?

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Spring eating guide

Spring is the time of the year when your body naturally wants to cleanse itself. So it is a good time to allow your body to let go of all the stuff that it doesn’t want including ‘naughty’ foods, toxins and bad eating habits. Let go of those and you might see some of those old aches and pains disappear too.

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